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Lasik problems
Jun 2, 2012
Hi all, Finally drummed the courage to have LASIK WAVE last week so this is my first week (7th day). I had a high prescription -10 in one eye and -9.50 in the other. The surgery itself was painless and quick and after a couple of days i have appeared to to have achieved 20/20 but i am experiencing a number of problems which is causing me detress these include:

Headaches and feeling of fuzzyness. Someone suggested that this could be the result of developing sudden presbyopia as now i cannot read or use the computer without reading glasses. Normally presbyopia comes on slowly over years and the sudden change take the brain time to adapt. If so how long does it last? It my main concern at the moment as i am unable to focus on anything for very long.
white/grey shadows around objects, particulary light objects occurs in daylight and night.
Dry eyes is a problem and i am struggling to type this and find it difficult to watch Television.
halo/glare/startbursts when looking at any bright lights.

I know its only one week and maybe i getting worried to quickly, but at the moment i wished i had left well alone and stuck to the glasses! hopefully things will improve quickly. I would welcome any comments thanks

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