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Re: Dry eyes advice
Aug 19, 2012
I had terribly dry eyes the first week after lasik. Putting in eyedrops every 30 min and even more some times. Same as you, it was worse with the computer and driving at night.

On the 4th day post-op, my eyes got very red so I went back to the doc. He said my eyes were irritated, and gave me a sample of Durezol eye drops to put in 3 times per day, one drop per eye. This was to take the place of my Zylet drops on the same schedule.

After 3-4 days of the Durezol, my eyes became white again and the dryness went away. I could get away with drops maybe 1-2 times per DAY.

After I finished the Durezol, my eyes were fine for a week or two, but then became red and irritated again. The dryness came back, along with blurry night vision.

I went back, and got the Durezol drops again. Things are improving again in terms of dryness, but slower this time. You can feel teh relief from the Durezol drops pretty soon after you put them in.

Not recommending anyone get them, just how it has helped me.

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