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I had severely dry eyes before the procedure, less than 1mm over a 5-minute duration. But the doctor somehow gave a go and safe to say I regret getting it done especially since I was only -1.25 to start with.

Now, my right eye is +0.25 meaning I can't no longer do stuff I used to be able to do up close. And my left eye has not improved a bit since the surgery (14 days ago). I have had many complications due to the dry eyes, such as epithelium cells detaching, rough dry spots, and yes, constant dry eyes. Remember, I was already severely dry to start with.

Everyday is a blur to me. I can't look at my face in the mirror, I can't work on the laptop for long. I can't do stuff that I could do with my -1.25 eyes. I regret having the procedure done so much you have no idea. But it's done now and I don't want to look at the past.

Right now I'm putting an eye drop every 5-10 minutes and I'm thinking of going back to the doctor to request punctal plugs. Have you thought about it?

My worry is that the difference in my left and right away was not caused by the dryness of the eyes but more by the fact that my left eye was under corrected in which case I will have to get an enhancement to fix it. I am really traumatized by the first process that I don't think I will ever want to go back to the operating room.

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