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[QUOTE=Ccoughlin;4997798]Hi - I got custom wavefront LASIK 8 weeks ago. I'm 41 , 3 kids - busy life. My husband had gotten it & loved it. I continue to have very dry eye, which leaves me pretty blurry most of the time, and my night vision/low lighting vision is pretty bad too. The dr says to be patient - that it's all due to dry eye and wil resolve, but it's been 2 months now. I guess I expected better results sooner.

Any words of encouragement - is it likely to get much better? I have been using the drops & ointment at night since the start, and now I started Restasis 3 weeks ago. I really hope that kicks in soon. My vision wasn't at bad (-3.00) and I really miss the sharpness I use to have.

I didn't realize it was such a process until you get good vision. D most people experience this?[/QUOTE]

I suggest that yu go to other clinic for measurment of your eye errors etc. I t can be dry eye but it can be that you g those notorious side effects. 3 months is the most it will go away, we all heard that too much, it will go away. Well if something isn't right and laser didn't properly correct some are where pupils widens, i belive this is because lasers have limits, yet they lie to us about it. Than you're set with it, It will not go awy, maybe second treatment. But you need to see will it all subside and second opinion. As I said i think they count on you and your brain to get used to new lower quality of vision, mabye many patients get used to it, if it's minor, but if it bothers yu than it is not minor problem and getting used to it is not an easy option.

Do you know your pupils size? If wth -3 you get bad lowlght vision, then this procedure is really wrong. I got it too, it's been a year, nothin is improved.

And most people experience these problems at 3-6months post op, but if it ain't getting better, it will not.

You should ask you husband more precise how he sees at night, how are the lights, is everythgn super sharp or does he see some effects.

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