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Hi All,

Well, its been over 2 years in the making, but I finally took the decision to go ahead and proceed with the 'Femto' LASIK procedure.

I have a couple of questions and concerns regarding the whole thing though and I'm hoping someone helps here.

A little info:

I am near-sighted (can't see from far) with -8.00 on both eyes with -1.25 astagmatism. My cornea thickness is pretty good for surgery (580 mm) and I don't believe I suffer from dry eyes. I tend to wear contacts but not too much, only a couple of days a week and for a maximum of 12 hours each day, when I do wear them. After consultation with two surgeons, they told me that I was a good candidate BUT with some issues that could develop after the surgery. Now I'm not sure how those things will affect the quality of life, and wanted to check if someone here can shed light on them.

Now my concerns are mainly regarding two things:

1. I read alot and write alot, since most of my work is on laptops and LCD screens. Will LASIK affect the quality of how I perceive this? Will I won't be able to read or write alot (iPads, Books, Magazines, Laptops)?

2. The surgeon told me that there could be an issue with contrast in my vision after the surgery as a result of having high near-sightedness. How will this affect the way I read and see things? Watching TV/LCD/LED/Laptops? I tend to spend atleast 8 hours a day on electronic devices.

Other concerns include prepping up for the surgery. I'll stop wearing contacts for a week while taking TOBRADEX to prevent some irritation in my eyes (as per surgeon's request).

I'm also performing it in the Summer, what are the extra precautions to take? I'm planning a week off from work plus a month of no water activities. Is that good enough?

Other colleagues have done the procedure and the most common thing they're saying is the halos and starbursts which improved over time. They however did the normal microkeratome LASIK.

Appreciate all the help I could get to proceed with the surgery.


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