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My advice is don't do it. You are mislead it doent matter microkeartome or femto, what matters is second part of procedure, custom or optimized. What more matters lasers have limits, effective optical zones of ablation is 6.5mm, if your pupils expand beyond that area, chances are you will have poor quality of vision. They use transition or blend zone as they call it, that goe to 8-9mm, but it seems it doesnt really function properly for everyone.

Your surgeon told you right, there could be a issue with contrast, believe me you don't want that. They say it like its just a minor thing, if you got issues with contrast and lower quality of vision, you won't be able to watch tv normally or work at pc. It's logic, tv, and pc monitors emmit light, everytime darker backgroudn less light is emmited, so your pupils go bigger, but if you get loss of contrast after lasik, you will see ghosting, double vision at monitor, you won't be able to do your job normally like now, I am experiencing all these issues, i can't work on pc properly, only under much daylight in room or mostly on white background so my pupils get smaller, everything a little darkes, i have issue with focusng, and letter and everything gets ghosting and double. Those things will affect your quality f life, vision is supposed to work in every lightnng condition, not just n broad daylight and sunlight. Believe me it will affect it, depending how bad you get after. You will not be able to safely drive at night or just cloudy day, you will nt be able to watch movies or go to cinema like before, you will nt be ale to move around in your indoor enviroment like before, everythign will look poorer, blurier with ghosting effect. Belive me it si really bad if it gets bad. I doubt your friends don't have starbursting anymore, the thng is braind gets used to new vsion, but that doesnt mean their vision is better or quality vision, it means they got used to it. Some don't have it at all, i guess it depens on how bad is it, if there are really and i mean really minor starburst or halo effect, ofcourse it cant bother someone so bad, but even those with bad effects, some peopel got used to it, i dont know how, but i believe they are actually seeing harder than befopre, squinting in low light etc.

At least your surgeons told you what can happen, doesnt that tell you somethign is wrong with the procedure, even though its 20 years been done, even with new lasers new individual custom procedures they still told you you could end up with halved quality of vsion. That tells me nothing has been done around these issues, some of them market it like no more nightvision issues today like before, but you see they told you it can be bad and you can lose quality. And you probbly will with that big prescription like I did.

Just erase it from your head, don't do it, dont give yur moeny t soeone who does ths job knowing there are still unpredictable issues with it. You now have healthy untuched cornea, you now see normal at laptops and you can do your job. With this you put yourself at bi risk of that vision stability, of your focus for reading stability etc. Google lasik complicatiosn and read and see images of how you can end up. Gogle morris waxler, ex fda guy who doent reccomend thsi surgery to anyone. Isnt that crazy, isnt there somethign wrong then. If some people dont appreciate their visin quality and are happy with nightvision disturbances well good to them, i guess starbursting is lovely effect. The problems is, if peopel experience starbursting that changes, thath mean all aspect f vision is changing, blurring less sharp, you can't have starbursitng effect that changes without your whole vision changing.
Err that is not really true, or something to base your decision. I also thought about that, that only people with bad outocmes come online. Not true, you can find people who are happy and satisfied online, you can find people who have issues and side effects but do not come online because they are fine with it. So you really can't know how many people god side effects from lasik, we are all individuals, as I said I know people that see bad with ruined contrast and nightvision quality and they don't complain, don't go online, yet they actually praise the procedure. Yes tehre are that kind of satisifed people out there, that doesnt mean you will be satisfied with such results. I actually would be thankful if i was put of by REAL not negative buit REAl comments, cause these problems happen to people, all are considered candidates and yet they didn't think it will happen to them, yet they are stuck with bad vision. So don't think of it as negative, but as kinda realistic view. Before I went all positive trusting toi my surgeons i acutally though i would never do this, seemed unpredictable to me, and weird why there is news clips about it, why is morris waxler going out wantig withdrawal of lasik devices, why are people here and there poping out with notorious issues. That kept me from doing this, i forgot those people, i went with positivnes and all other who rave about it, yet here i ended up handicapped now. Why? I was a candidate, new lasers treat all area as they say, then what is the problem. Not true, not every surgeon explains lasik to you, why my questions about nightvision problems were told it doesnt happen anymore, why is on many lasik clinics websites about this issues that is there no more with custom ablation? Its okay if a surgeon really warned you that you could end up badly, than he confirms that is is pure luck lottery whatever even if he approved you as candidate. You can be thankfull that your surgeon told you how you can edn up, maybe ask him how bad exactly, cause he confirms it it is unpredictable. And your decision than is only yours. Its a gamble with eyes and stability of vision, that is reality, dunno what else to say, if you go though with it, if you end up like me and others what then? There is no going back, how are you going to function, drive a car, work on your pc. Its easy thinking positive before that it wont happen to you, but you don't know that, nor does your surgeon, you will know results only after, and if they are not good, well join the club. Stay real, don't go too much into clouds. No matter what others say that they see perfect you can not prove that, to them something is perfect, to yo9u it can be bothersome. AS i said, i blame myself for not reading all negative comment many times again, why, because they are proof these people also were candidates, also were wanting to see and havin normal vision before lasik, after all of them are damaged. And I end up the same.

I believe ICL are even worse with their own risks, and i believe it is not so simply reversibvle, maybe marketing says it is but when you look deeper into it, it's not. It has major risk for that reversible process, it is going deeper into your eye with your eye lens, i believe it is more dangerous than lasik on surface of cornea. In the end both procedures are surgical, tempering wit untouched eye, so if you wanna do it, you'll do it, maybe you end up completely fine, maybe not. You'll know if it was the right decision after you have it done. There is no going back in both nor lasik nor icl. People dont exaggarate complications, hwo can you say that? Maybe he doesnt havee issues liek others? It would bother him if he had it, jesus christ, how can exaggaration be if i cant watch tv normally, drive, low light everything is blurries ? How is that exxagaration, do you now see ghostind and double images? I can't belive you actually say that people are crazy for complaining about issues, isay if your relative has similar issues, he is crazy for not complaining. If it is all fine with hi,m, and he has minor halos than ofcourese it aint bothering him, if it really is minor, believe me, if you cant comfortably drive a car you would know.

Why don't you just go and do it? Why are you even asking questsion here cause it all negative and crazzy exaggaration? I am one year from surgery, nothing is back to normal. You obiously dont wanna admit to yourself that some peopel end up badly no matter how good candidates they are. Sorry i value wuality of vision, if you have effects and blurring, less sharpness, that is not normal nor perfect vision after lasik.

Why did you even aks any questions, cause it sems you already made up your mind? Just do it then, if realistic sidefeccts and complicatiosn can't scare you away than do it. Nobody said you wont end up fine, its just 50-50 you will or you will not. Simple right? But plese dont tell that people whose lives are all aroudn are exaggarating, maybe you end up on this side, so we will see how you will accept it. This is liek an insult to us with problems. You donjt wanna accept there are peopel with problems, you wanna se and want somebody to come to tell you its perfect, well there are thosepeople here to, so no pint, go do it. Only way you'll know. I just have to say, i don't know how would i react if you said that i exaggarate live to my face, that something liek saying people with cances are exaggarating. You obisuly dont udnerstand that i am half blind after lasik now, i barely can watc tv, imagine that, simple task as watching tv, driving at night even with street lights is terrible man, i am feeling unsafe at that moment, how is that exxagarating? Unbelivable. I actually wanna say just go do it, i really dont care, and dont undestrand why do you ask questions about these issues, you got your doc, he can tell you everything.

As far as I know people go into lasik because they think they will see, nobody goes with thing in mind that he will see badly. What is the point of procedure if it can't give same vision to everyone, same treatment, you dont go and get different glasses with which you cant see clearly, you get them right for you. As with lasik you go and they evaluate you, scan you to get it right for you. But apprently it is real, complicatiosn adn sideffects of losing quality of vision is accepted as not big of a deal in FDA and in lasik industry. Are you going to this procedure wanting to trade glasses for poorer vision or going to get the same vision or even better?

I apologize for breaking the rules or whatevs, but if people here can say you are crazy and imagining things up, i am starting to care little, in the edn this is my problem, like others with theirs, nobody who isn't in this situation, and has that kind of vision can know how it can influence your life. Those who go gabmling will know, and those who don't care about same quality of vision as before with glasses well, i admire you, you are special bunch, i mean on those who see double images at night etc, yes that kind of happy people are really something, even reccomending surgery. You can't know how it is unless you do it, ot maybe you can, imagine vision with dryed out lenses and all halos and ghosting uncrips vision around, kinda like that, but lenses you take out, cornea rests, you put glasses everything is normal. This well. Nothing to get out. Enjoy, and good luck with your decision.

And I think you are forgettin most important part here after lasik if you end up like some people here, if some stories don't scare you or peoples depression with one eye blurry one eye not, effects etc. You can't correct these problems anymore, this is not simple prescription anymore, most common thing is that laser didnt do that peripheral eara of cornea where pupil widesn, so you get in the middle corrected to 0, on edge you get either reamins of procedure or untreated rightly. So light mixes with good correction and bad, there are no glasses who can correct higher order abberations. There are only some rgp lenses, and who want to wear rgp lenses, i hardly could wear soft lenses. So pretty much there is no solution, you can not put glasses atnight to see better. That really is the most scary part, people mostly think if from -7 you go to -1 if somethign remains you can pop on glasses or whatever, yes if it is just that. So with lasik you get one chance, pretty much, any further lifting of flaps is more risk, and many surgeons dont wanna do it, and you can not correct problems if you end up with them. Reality check. As i said be gratful for surgeons who warn you about problems, than it is really your decision, nobody liied to you and you apperently think you could deal with complications.

Let me recap my exaggarated problems: less sharpness, loss of contrast, starbursting at day and especially at night, hard to focus, even by day losing normal focus is irritating. Eyes get tired much more, especially for me who stares at pc screen for much time. My right eye is kinda blurrier. For a year i didnt' watch a movies on my 42'' screen. Before tv was turned on mos of the time, now its been a year since i didnt turn it on. Oh yea ps3, i played it like crazy before, now i can't. Depression, anxiety, being mad at myself, being mad at greedy "doctors". My clinic said i see 20/20 and that I am success and have less eye error than before procedure, other clinic couldt take measurments of my error because they are apperently so much that machine isnt deigned for so much points in the eye to take measure. There it impacted my life, my family member eveything, it lowered my quality of life, not make it normal and free of glasses. You can not accept complicatiosn if they are severe, how can you ignore problems and go with your life if you can't even drive properly and normally liek before, you can, but you will have to give up some things, working on pc is gonna be harder if you get complications, so you will squint try to focus, but nothing helps. So how can you ignore problem in a organ which gives us information, we are not talkin about screwed up finger, and move with your life, You need normal eyes and vision to move around in your enviromment, every living being needs that. I was a candidate, i enede up castastrophally, like others here, and other i know in real life. I was treated on femto, new lasers in big clinic. So there ya go, and that clinic thinks i'm a success. If you end up badly like some of us, you have to be half crazy to just go normally with your life and not let it bother you. That is than some really good ADpills or some different kind of brain.

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