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My advice is don't do it. You are mislead it doent matter microkeartome or femto, what matters is second part of procedure, custom or optimized. What more matters lasers have limits, effective optical zones of ablation is 6.5mm, if your pupils expand beyond that area, chances are you will have poor quality of vision. They use transition or blend zone as they call it, that goe to 8-9mm, but it seems it doesnt really function properly for everyone.

Your surgeon told you right, there could be a issue with contrast, believe me you don't want that. They say it like its just a minor thing, if you got issues with contrast and lower quality of vision, you won't be able to watch tv normally or work at pc. It's logic, tv, and pc monitors emmit light, everytime darker backgroudn less light is emmited, so your pupils go bigger, but if you get loss of contrast after lasik, you will see ghosting, double vision at monitor, you won't be able to do your job normally like now, I am experiencing all these issues, i can't work on pc properly, only under much daylight in room or mostly on white background so my pupils get smaller, everything a little darkes, i have issue with focusng, and letter and everything gets ghosting and double. Those things will affect your quality f life, vision is supposed to work in every lightnng condition, not just n broad daylight and sunlight. Believe me it will affect it, depending how bad you get after. You will not be able to safely drive at night or just cloudy day, you will nt be able to watch movies or go to cinema like before, you will nt be ale to move around in your indoor enviroment like before, everythign will look poorer, blurier with ghosting effect. Belive me it si really bad if it gets bad. I doubt your friends don't have starbursting anymore, the thng is braind gets used to new vsion, but that doesnt mean their vision is better or quality vision, it means they got used to it. Some don't have it at all, i guess it depens on how bad is it, if there are really and i mean really minor starburst or halo effect, ofcourse it cant bother someone so bad, but even those with bad effects, some peopel got used to it, i dont know how, but i believe they are actually seeing harder than befopre, squinting in low light etc.

At least your surgeons told you what can happen, doesnt that tell you somethign is wrong with the procedure, even though its 20 years been done, even with new lasers new individual custom procedures they still told you you could end up with halved quality of vsion. That tells me nothing has been done around these issues, some of them market it like no more nightvision issues today like before, but you see they told you it can be bad and you can lose quality. And you probbly will with that big prescription like I did.

Just erase it from your head, don't do it, dont give yur moeny t soeone who does ths job knowing there are still unpredictable issues with it. You now have healthy untuched cornea, you now see normal at laptops and you can do your job. With this you put yourself at bi risk of that vision stability, of your focus for reading stability etc. Google lasik complicatiosn and read and see images of how you can end up. Gogle morris waxler, ex fda guy who doent reccomend thsi surgery to anyone. Isnt that crazy, isnt there somethign wrong then. If some people dont appreciate their visin quality and are happy with nightvision disturbances well good to them, i guess starbursting is lovely effect. The problems is, if peopel experience starbursting that changes, thath mean all aspect f vision is changing, blurring less sharp, you can't have starbursitng effect that changes without your whole vision changing.

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