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i guess they are imagining all those problems. We all should have been born with low quality of vision, who needs sharpness right, or stable vision?

Anyways I am thinking of not replying anymore. I get upset, it gets me down, there is enough reading material here for potential lasik candidates to see how some people end up. No point in repeating myself. I will focus on trying to solve my problems, and going pblically in my country like some have done in USA for news. I just don't wanna be that guy who ain't complaining about bad outcome while clinic and staff have the nerve to lie to me and call me success. All those stories you can find of people years ago here telling how clinics behave, how and what was told to them, well to many of us and me same procedure and protocol is done. Lies, trying to avoid problem, convincing me i see normal. Even regreteyes guy got tired, we all get tired. And we are were candidates. If yours surgeons told you as a candidate you can end up with these problems, than everybody can, no matter false marketing, false laser specifications, everybody can. Because its unpredictable and obviously it has limits. Maybe people pushed with biggger pupils and other stuff get really bad outcomes, while others small complications that dont bother them. But than again how can a clinic push you as a candidate, whats in it for them? isnt that like bad business for them if patient is unsatisifed and complains, or maybe they are used to mayn patient not complaining at all, well maybe on internet and thats it. Maybe i'll say just what lasers and what complications are, my story is told here among others and i should stop repeating it. Oh yea in consent form i believe there is something like that you agree that you will maybe see worser than with glasses. Something like that, i guess people should run out of clinics since it says that, i dont think anybody going in there with -5 and more are willing to see bader than now with glasses, we already see bad without we already don't see completely sharp due to nature of glases for higher prescription, why would we want even worse than with glasses. Just interesting that that is in there, like lets protect out selves from somebody suing us by every means neccesary, cover it all. Also there is no point in my anger towards my stupidity and clinics, or my empathy for other, cause seems like other don't have empathy for those that are screwed up because of lasik.

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