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I'm a 24 year old female who had a bladeless Lasik surgery done on 20 June 2012. I was originally -1.25 left and right. I had really dry eyes but everything else was okay.

Three days post surgery were the most horrible time of my life. My eyes were bloodshot red, there was severe pain and the bandage contacts they put in my eyes prevented me from looking straight (they sort of were creeping down if I looked up). I couldn't sleep at all for more than 48 hours because of the pain and discomfort. Vision was absolutely awful as I couldn't even see my own fingers.

I saw the doctor on the 21st (1 day post-op), where usually he would remove the contact. But instead of doing that, he left the contacts for three days, claiming that my epithelium cells were "too soft".

I saw the doctor again 5 day post-op, my right eye was improving but my left eye was still blurry. He said it was caused by epithelium cells which should clear up in 2-3 days.

So 7 day post-op, I saw him again and he decided that he would do some sort of washing to my still blurry left eye by reopening the flap.

The doctor was away on a holiday for a week after that so the day after (8 day post-op) he referred me to another doctor who would take off the bandage contact. My left eye's vision was very blurry after this. I experienced glare just on my left eye as well and I couldn't make out a clear line of any objects, near or far kind of like having astigmatism. What I have also realized is that if I close my right eye (just looking through the left), the room would be slightly dimmed compared to if I do the opposite.

I saw my dad today who insisted there was something wrong so he pretty much drove to my place and dragged me to see another doctor 9 day post op. I was told that I might have astigmatism which really scared me as I do not want a re treatment after being traumatized by the initial procedure. The doctor also said that my flap was good so it's not caused by this.

Usually my vision is most clear when I first wake up. But today, 10 day post op I woke up to an okay right eye vision (it pretty much is stabilized now) to the worst left eye vision I have had in the last few days. Everything was very blurry, there was not a clear line of objects and I had double even triple vision. I knew the vision was worse as I have been using certain objects as a measurement bar (certain text from a certain distance, writings of my shampoo bottle, etc.). Where before I could read a book using just my left eye, I could not anymore without being helped by my right eye. However, when I stared into the light the glare has reduced in size, i.e. I saw a smaller "cloud" around the light (I hope this makes sense).

I have questions and worries in my head that have been preventing me from sleeping for the past few days. I would really appreciate it if some of them can be answered.
1. How unlikely is it for my left eye to actually have induced astigmatism? I have read several websites that claim that dry eyes or scarring post op might cause double vision/blurriness/haziness, but why does it only affect my left eye?
2. Because my right eye was stabilizing, it was measured electronically a few days ago where the result was -0.00 but +0.25. It's true that my near vision has been blurry (I used to be able to see even the smallest fonts up close), but I have also read that this might temporary due to the eye still adjusting. How likely is this? Have they over corrected my eye or is this just a phase?
3. As I have mentioned, I didn't experience glaring today, which was an improvement from yesterday but my vision was the worst it's been for the last few days. I am worried that this means I have healed physically and vision wise this is as good as it gets (as instead of fluctuating, it just became worse right after I woke up). Usually eye drops helps for 1 or 2 minutes but today even after eye drop I still had double vision. Does this mean I most certainly have astigmatism in my left eye?

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

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