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I had blurrines in right eye, now it's a bit rare, I think maybe eye dryness or depending on the days, moisture in the air whtever. Reality is you need to be patient, I know, advertising and these clinics make it sound simple. Maybe some people experience amazing vision crispness after procedure, but I believe that is small portion of people. Mayn experience vision fluctuations for months. After all, our corneas were under trauma.

Hm tht part of lowlight, that shouldnt be, well depends on your pupil size in lowlight. That also can settle, within three months, but i believe many people get used to it, depending how bad is lowlght vision.

Do a second opinion, get some xanax or something from your doctor to make you calm, so that you don't stress so much. If nothing is improving go to that clinc again and again until they say you what is going on and what is the solution.

You say you had dry eyes, with contacts or without them? If you had dry eyes, you weren't exactly a perfect candidate for it, depends on score on schrimers test for your tear film. It could be your eye jus neet to catch up, tear film to stabilize, or retreatment or glasses or contacts if there s some residual astigmatism etc. Hang in there, i went through it all.

And in other post you say your one eye is slghtly darker with vision, my right s slightly different too, contrast and colors. But my right eye is amblyopic from young age. I don't remember was it the same before considering colors and contrast, maybe, but now i see it more pronounced than before. Maybe your left eye had this conditin as well?

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