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Do yu get better vision in that eye after you put artificial tear drops? If you didn't pass the schrimers test, what is the point of that test prior to surgery? Lasik causes dry eyes because of nerves cut in the cornea, people with dry eyes before are not good or candidates at all for lasik. Maybe PRK because no nerves are cut, but still some dryness is present in prk too. What does it say for schrimers test, do you got results from that exam prior to surgery? I know some surgeons told me that they do lasik on 10mm schrimers, all under is bigger risk.
It's weird they said ok, I mean either by schrimers test you are ok for lasik or not, simple as that. Because dry eyes, bad tear film can cause vision blurring.

Also I see your panicking, that is normal, I was the same. That's why you need something for keeping calm. First if you got edema, swelling, yu have to wait for that to pass. t is possible that because of that there is bluriness.

Stay calm, don't read too much, just go for second opinion and second scans there, then compare and see what others have to say. Ask abut dry eyes, tear film test, and pupil size, ask about edema and how long. Don't try too much here for information, everybody heals differently, you just need another unbiased doctor or clinic who didn't treat you, to tell you what it is. And than you will know exactly.

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