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Hi, everyone.

I'm "shopping" around various reputable LASIK surgeons in NYC to get the lasik done. I've so far met with three doctors, and am planning to meet with two more. I have high prescriptions with a little astigmatism. I like two of the doctors so far. I won't mention their names since I don't know the official Board policy here.

My brother got the LASIK like 10 years ago with one of the doctor and had a favorable result despite his high prescription and astigmatism. This doctor is very experienced (90,000+ procedures).

My friend recommended me the other doctor. He's experienced as well (50,000+ procedures), and I had good vibes from the staffs and optometrists from my free consultation. One thing this doctor, these staffs, and my friend emphasized is the usage of the model-3 iFS-150 kHZ Intralase system. According to them, it is the latest and fastest laser, and only Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and they have it in Manhattan.

The prices are comparable. Around $4500.

I'm just wondering if this new laser is worth the hype. I did some googlings, and I got some results but nothing definite.

I like the first doctor since he has more than 90,000 procedures under his belt, offered me 3 years of guarantee for touch up, and my brother did it there.

I like the second doctor since he's experienced enough, staffs were nice, and check up will be easier since I can drive to their NJ office. But they only offered 3 months of guarantee for touch up.

I just want to get more information regarding the IFS-150 khz laser to make a more informed decision. If someone could provide me with some information, I'd deeply appreciate that.

Thank you.
You got osmething wrong, IFS-150 I believe is just laser used for cutting your cornea, making flap, you do not get treatment on that. Treatment goes on allegretto wavelight or visx laser.

IntraLase can be part of the LASIK eye surgery procedure and is an alternative method of creating the protective flap at the beginning of LASIK treatment. IntraLase creates the flap using a precision laser instead of a mechanical method.

My advice is, don't get to naive on nice surgeons and staff, that's their job, they apperently have to disconnect themselves from empthy and potential complications for a patient. If somebody got good results, that doesn't mean you will, even if you are treated with same surgeon and laser platform.

Fast laser only means less discomfort for you while they poke at your eyes. Procedure is the same for 20 years, wit evolution of custom procedures which got its own use and positive and negative sides.

If you read up this forum, you can see us people from 2012 with newsest lasers and technologies still end up really badly, if after that you still wanna take unnecesary risk and do pretty unatural procedure which doesnt heal your eyes, only makes new defects in othervise healthy cornea. Rerad it all, take more thinking into it, what prescrption d you have?

You should ask your surgeons how will you see in lowlight conditions? If they say to you, that is no problem anymore, than they are lying to you. If they say you could end up with all those visual disturbances, even though you are "perfect" candidate and given custom treatment, than it is all up to you to take that risk and that tradeoff in vision. Getting freedom from glasses on cost of your visual stability and quality. Check morris waxler and images of these disturbances online, see if you could live with it, try to simulate all that for yourself and than decide. It is not conspiracy of lens and glasses manufacturers it is reality, and it is still happenng. I really don't care if some people take this trade of, or doctors told them the truth and they stll wanted it. Many surgeons tell otherwise, that is no problem today, you will not have that problem because you are candidate for surgery. And you end up with problems, that is what is not right.

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