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Well, the filmy substance has seemed to subside the last two mornings

I had my follow up appt. this morning at 8 am and it went well. I made this appt. in the morning because I can usually see better after a nights rest. All of my other appts. have been in the afternoon.

At this mornings appt. I tested 20/20 in my left eye and 20/15 in my right. With both eyes I was 20/15. It is now 1 pm and my eyes are getting dry and my vision is getting a little blurry at distance. Once my tear comes back at a normal rate I should be good to go. They tested my prescription and the letters were always more clear with no prescription so I am pretty happy.

Thanks again for the replies and patience is the best and only option. :)
I also have tears with me at every moment of every day. Some days are worse but I always use them. I use the preservative free Refresh Plus drops. I have tried other brands but those are my favorite. I usually buy one box of the Refresh Plus and one box of the Refresh Optive drops. The Optive are a bit thicker and last a bit longer. I buy two boxes every 2 - 3 weeks or so. When your eyes are dry and burning those drops are worth their weight in gold aren't they? :)

I have read so many other people's accounts of ghosting and they were all pretty similar. You should be able to tell a difference in the amount of ghosting from week to week. It is a slow process but it should heal. I remember I had to put my computer font up to a huge size just to read a computer screen. That lasted about 3 - 4 weeks I think. That finally went away and everything slowly stabilizes. Then dryness becomes the only real problem.

I sometimes get a little depressed about it and consider getting glasses. My old prescription glasses still clear up my vision when I try them on. Mostly it takes about all of the hazing that the dryness is causing. The glasses work great in the middle of the day and night. The funny thing is that first thing in the morning they don't really help because after sleep both of my eyes are at 20/20. It is as the day goes on that the eyes dry out and the glasses could help but my vision is good enough even blurry to where with both eyes I am still right around 20/20.

All I can say is be patient. That is not what one wants to hear because the process is slow and frustrating but at this point it is really all that can be done. Keep the faith and keep a positive attitude.

Good luck!

My eyes were pretty dry before LASIK, so dry I couldn't wear my contacts which is why I decided to get LASIK. I knew this would bring additional dryness. I had surgery on Dec. 13th and for many weeks my eyes were incredibly dry. I would have to put in Refresh Optive drops every 30 mins or more frequently. I went through boxes and boxes of those things.

My eye doctor told me I could use GenTeal lubricant eye gel at night and during the day to help my eyes. I've also had punctal plugs put in both eyes but that was over a year ago while I was still trying to wear contacts.

My little saving grace has been a Homedics personal misting humidifier. I sit it right next to me while I'm reading or working online and the micro-water vapor keeps my eyes and face moist and keeps my vision clear. It might look a little silly but otherwise I couldn't really read. I bought mine at Bed-Bath & Beyond for about $20.00. I also keep two humidifiers running in my house and have one near my bed.

I have to say that things are getting a lot better and it's only been a couple months. My eyes were super dry before LASIK and I've seen a lot of improvement already. Remember to keep using your drops throughout the day even if you don't think you need them. Especially if you read a lot or look at a computer screen, we tend to not blink when we focus.

Hope that helps.

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