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Thanks for sharing your experiences. It sounds like you have been through a lot in the last few years.

Ghosting is common after the surgery. I had ghosting as well as all of my friends who had the surgery around the same time. It lasted for a few months before it finally disappeared.

The only reason I am not 100% happy with the surgery is because my vision was not that bad to start with. i could already function fine without contacts or glasses but I wanted clearer vision as well. My eyes were at -1.5 and -1.6 before the surgery which means I could do everything fine but when driving at night things would be blurry. I wore contacts but they bothered me so i finally decided to have surgery.

If I would have started with a prescription of -3 or -4 or worse then I would be very happy.

My only issue now is the dryness. My vision is good except when my eyes get dry the get much blurrier. I am on a prescription of Restasis to try and heal the dryness but it has been 3 months on that and I don't see any benefits yet. Do you have dryness issues?

I would say you can't really tell the full results of PRK for at least 3 - 6 months and the dryness has to be gone. After that I believe the results are visible. If I could get the dryness to go away I would be happy with the results.

Keep me posted on your progress!
Thanks for the reply criv.

Yes, I have dryness issues and I, too, am on Restasis. I keep tears with me all the time, too and put them in my eyes whenever I think about it - I figure there can never be too much of the tears. (no particular brand, just moisturizing tears) Is there any particular brand that has helped you better than another?

I do appreciate you letting me know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been very concerned about the ghosting and hadn't gotten any assurances from the doctors (there's a group of them in the practice I visit) - which is also a bit frustrating since I am not sure that this type of arrangement allows for one doctor to stay focused on an individual patient's progress sufficiently. But it may be too late to change now - and the surgeon is highly rated so I feel good about him.

This entire eye situation is such a change for me, too, because I have always had good vision. It was only when I reached a certain age :) that my vision started to change - and I was considered young to have cataracts. I am again hopeful, thanks.

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