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Thanks for the reply criv.

Yes, I have dryness issues and I, too, am on Restasis. I keep tears with me all the time, too and put them in my eyes whenever I think about it - I figure there can never be too much of the tears. (no particular brand, just moisturizing tears) Is there any particular brand that has helped you better than another?

I do appreciate you letting me know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been very concerned about the ghosting and hadn't gotten any assurances from the doctors (there's a group of them in the practice I visit) - which is also a bit frustrating since I am not sure that this type of arrangement allows for one doctor to stay focused on an individual patient's progress sufficiently. But it may be too late to change now - and the surgeon is highly rated so I feel good about him.

This entire eye situation is such a change for me, too, because I have always had good vision. It was only when I reached a certain age :) that my vision started to change - and I was considered young to have cataracts. I am again hopeful, thanks.

My eyes were pretty dry before LASIK, so dry I couldn't wear my contacts which is why I decided to get LASIK. I knew this would bring additional dryness. I had surgery on Dec. 13th and for many weeks my eyes were incredibly dry. I would have to put in Refresh Optive drops every 30 mins or more frequently. I went through boxes and boxes of those things.

My eye doctor told me I could use GenTeal lubricant eye gel at night and during the day to help my eyes. I've also had punctal plugs put in both eyes but that was over a year ago while I was still trying to wear contacts.

My little saving grace has been a Homedics personal misting humidifier. I sit it right next to me while I'm reading or working online and the micro-water vapor keeps my eyes and face moist and keeps my vision clear. It might look a little silly but otherwise I couldn't really read. I bought mine at Bed-Bath & Beyond for about $20.00. I also keep two humidifiers running in my house and have one near my bed.

I have to say that things are getting a lot better and it's only been a couple months. My eyes were super dry before LASIK and I've seen a lot of improvement already. Remember to keep using your drops throughout the day even if you don't think you need them. Especially if you read a lot or look at a computer screen, we tend to not blink when we focus.

Hope that helps.

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