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Hello. I have searched on many forums and found some good experiences but I would love to hear feedback to my specific recovery


I had PRK surgery 6 1/2 weeks ago. I expected the recovery to be much quicker.

My initial prescription was only -1.56 in my left eye and -1.65 in my right eye.

After the surgery I have had blurry vision with a lot of 'ghosting'. At times the ghosting is worse than other times.
When I wake up in the morning or have my eyes closed for more than 15 minutes or so, when I open my eyes my vision is great! I

would say it would qualify as 20/20 or 20/15 for sure. As the day goes on though the ghosting presents itself and things become

much blurrier. The ghosting used to be horizontal ( my left eye had ghosting to the right and my right eye had ghsoting to the

left ). That has disappeared and now the ghosting is vertical ( mostly below the original object ).

If I apply artificial tears my vision will go back to 20/20 or better for a few seconds while the liquid is smothed out over my

eye but as I blink a few times and the tears start to evaporate the ghosting returns.

Here are my questions:
1. Is ghosting still normal at this stage in the recovery? If so, is it caused by the dryness in the eye?
2. When can I expect the tear film to return to normal and clear up the dry eye? I have no previous dry eye symptoms.
3. Should I expect my vision to end up like it is when I apply the artifical tears and things are very clear?

I hope the lack of tear film is all that is causing the ghosting and blurryness since the eye drops clear up the vision and the

fact that moistening the eyes while sleeping clears it up as well.

I appreciate all the responses on the subject.
Hi, I had my left eye done about 5 weeks ago, and while I experienced blurry vision and ghosting during the first three weeks, my vision cleared up during the end of the fourth week. My doctor said that I would help recovery a lot if I put in the eye drops as often as needed to help the corneal flap adhere to the new contour of the eye. I have been doing as he suggested and the results have been very good. I still experience fluctuations in my vision; there are days when my vision is blurry despite the eye drops, but he expects that to clear up as the eye heals. I asked him how long he expects me to use the drops, and he said around 6 to 8 months. So far, I'm happy with my improved vision, and I encourage you to use the eye drops as much as you can.
Thanks for the reply and encouragement.

I have noticed improvements over the last two weeks. My left eye seems blurry now as soon as I wake up and stays blurry throughout the day. Drops help it but it is like there is a little filmy substance on the eye that is causing some blurriness. Hopefully that is part of the healing process. My right eye seems to be getting a lot better and has less ghosting. I still get a lot of ghosting as the day goes on and the eyes get dryer. I just wish the dryness would go away so I could know where my vision really will end up.

Good luck to you as well and keep me posted on your progress.
Well, it has been 9 months and my vision is not what I was hoping for.

My left eye is 20/20 most of the time and my right eye is around 20/30. My eyes are still very dry and when I wake up in the morning I have to immediately put drops in them or I cannot keep them open for more than a second.

My right eye seems to be 20/20 for the first 30-60 minutes after I wake up. As I go throughout the day it gets much worse. Putting lubricant drops in my right eye still clears my vision up to 20/20 until the liquid disappears again.

When I put on my glasses from before the surgery my right eye goes back to perfect vision and any haze from lights etc.. disappear. They also seem to help my left eye a bit as well.

I am hoping that the dryness will eventually go away. i never had dry eyes before but this seems like it is taking much longer than it should.

Anyone have any advice or experiece such as this?

Thanks again
I have had PRK surgery twice in my right eye. Recently had the second surgery because I was not getting clear vision months following the first surgery.

It's now about 6 1/2 weeks after the second surgery and I am not seeing clearly. Last week I was weaned off the Pred Forte and got a swollen eye over the weekend. The doctor said it was not related to the surgery - but I find that difficult to believe.

I, too, am very frustrated with the lack of results from PRK although I was told it would help.

My eye history (over several recent years) includes Lasik, then cataract removal, then PRK in one eye to clear vision -- and there has been discussion of PRK in other eye. (The only procedure that I had any pain with was the Lasik - and then this swelling recently along with severe sensitivity to light)

I still get ghosting - btw, thanks for mentioning that because I have tried to describe it to the doctors, too and that's exactly what it is. Is this common?

I felt like I was all alone with these challenges until I read your posts. Have you experienced clearer vision yet?

Thank you for sharing your information.
I also have tears with me at every moment of every day. Some days are worse but I always use them. I use the preservative free Refresh Plus drops. I have tried other brands but those are my favorite. I usually buy one box of the Refresh Plus and one box of the Refresh Optive drops. The Optive are a bit thicker and last a bit longer. I buy two boxes every 2 - 3 weeks or so. When your eyes are dry and burning those drops are worth their weight in gold aren't they? :)

I have read so many other people's accounts of ghosting and they were all pretty similar. You should be able to tell a difference in the amount of ghosting from week to week. It is a slow process but it should heal. I remember I had to put my computer font up to a huge size just to read a computer screen. That lasted about 3 - 4 weeks I think. That finally went away and everything slowly stabilizes. Then dryness becomes the only real problem.

I sometimes get a little depressed about it and consider getting glasses. My old prescription glasses still clear up my vision when I try them on. Mostly it takes about all of the hazing that the dryness is causing. The glasses work great in the middle of the day and night. The funny thing is that first thing in the morning they don't really help because after sleep both of my eyes are at 20/20. It is as the day goes on that the eyes dry out and the glasses could help but my vision is good enough even blurry to where with both eyes I am still right around 20/20.

All I can say is be patient. That is not what one wants to hear because the process is slow and frustrating but at this point it is really all that can be done. Keep the faith and keep a positive attitude.

Good luck!

My eyes were pretty dry before LASIK, so dry I couldn't wear my contacts which is why I decided to get LASIK. I knew this would bring additional dryness. I had surgery on Dec. 13th and for many weeks my eyes were incredibly dry. I would have to put in Refresh Optive drops every 30 mins or more frequently. I went through boxes and boxes of those things.

My eye doctor told me I could use GenTeal lubricant eye gel at night and during the day to help my eyes. I've also had punctal plugs put in both eyes but that was over a year ago while I was still trying to wear contacts.

My little saving grace has been a Homedics personal misting humidifier. I sit it right next to me while I'm reading or working online and the micro-water vapor keeps my eyes and face moist and keeps my vision clear. It might look a little silly but otherwise I couldn't really read. I bought mine at Bed-Bath & Beyond for about $20.00. I also keep two humidifiers running in my house and have one near my bed.

I have to say that things are getting a lot better and it's only been a couple months. My eyes were super dry before LASIK and I've seen a lot of improvement already. Remember to keep using your drops throughout the day even if you don't think you need them. Especially if you read a lot or look at a computer screen, we tend to not blink when we focus.

Hope that helps.
Hi all,
I am hoping that some of you who had ghosting after 4+ weeks can chime in. I had 0.0 astigmatism before PRK. My prescription was really low at -1.25 before surgery with 0 astigmatism. Now, my post op is showing a blue spot on the topography and a -2.7 astigmatism.

Supposedly without the astigmatism, my vision is 20/25 now post-PRK. However, the ghosting (horizontal when looking close up and vertical when looking far away) is so bad that it's essentially taken away my vision. It isn't correctable with glasses.

For those who had ghosting.. did your docs say they saw an astigmatism on your eye that was causing it? I use my drops constantly, and Im still on the steroid one time per day. Im on day 28 post-op today. My optometrist (not the surgeon) said the area that is flat is shrinking, and he takes that as an optimistic sign.. ?

What I don't know is if the doc took off some area that he shouldn't have (thereby flattening the cornea and creating an astigmatism) or if this is a normal post surgical astigmatism that will resolve on its own. Im getting different answers from different folks, and looking for some thoughts that perhaps this indeed may self resolve and I will wake up one day able to see again.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Anyone have an astigmatism they didn't have before surgery? Did it resolve on its own? I am highly regretting doing this surgery at this point and tired of taking an uber everywhere.


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