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First of all I want to say that overall I'm very happy with my decision to have lasik, and I believe the one issue I'm on here to ask about will at worst clear up with an enhancement.

Tomorrow is my one week post-op appt after having custom (wavefront) lasik. The basics about me, prior to the procedure my prescription was -5.5 right -5.75 left, both approx 20/400, I am 30, in excellent health, and my vision was stable. After the procedure, and for the week since, my vision has been 20/20 in my right eye and 20/60 in my left (at best, as the dr stopped on the 20/50 line even though I stated I could not clearly see it at the 1 day post op).

I see halos, but they do not significantly detract from my vision, and overall my night vision is better than before the procedure, and no worse than my vision in daylight. I have no other significant side effects (my eyes have always been dry, and they are no worse after lasik than before.)

In the one day follow up I was told (by a dr) that it is possible to "heal" to 20/20, but I have personally talked to several friends and family who have had lasik, as well as searching the internet before and after the surgery, and have not found anyone who was that far off in only one eye post surgery. In case you're wondering, the problem is I have two different sight pictures with that much of a split in VA, and my left eye is constantly straining trying to focus on what my right can see clearly. I already have excellent clarity considering the visual acuity in each eye.

A wavefront scan was taken during the consult along with 2 projected eyechart visual acuity (VA) tests (taken by 2 different surgeons). Pre surgery a wafefront scan and another visual acuity test was taken by regular staff. In each of the acuity checks I was somewhat rushed on the left eye rather than allowing me to test until I had perfect clarity, but I was assured that only the wavefront scan is used for the surgical correction, and the VA tests are only for showing a baseline. So question #1 is: is that true, or is it possible that incorrect VA test information was used in my surgery?

Question #2 From firsthand experience, or by directing me to someone with firsthand experience, how many people here have had a split in visual acuity similar to mine (20/20 or better in one 20/40 or worse in the other) and how long did it take to clear up (if it did at all, with or without an enhancement). I realize this will be a limited number on this one forum, but please no general statistics or secondhand information, unless it is a link to a legit informational website with good sources.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of that. I will probably have more questions based on responses. I want to stress again that I can see the possibilities of lasik based on my good eye, and I would definitely not discourage anyone based on the single negative aspect of my surgery (which is correctable one way or another).

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