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I was definitely hoping for more activity on this forum, as I haven't found a more active Eye Surgery message board yet, but although I haven't received any responses yet, I'm still looking for information. In the meantime, here is an update.

I have had 3 follow up appt.'s since my initial post. To summarize, in appt. #1 the same Dr. who did my 1 day post op repeated that my eyes would heal to 20/20 and aggressively stated that my left eye went from 20/50 to 20/30 already, that the data prior to surgery was correct, and that I should only ask the surgeon questions because the techs aren't qualified... she must have been having a bad day lol. I tested 20/50 with 2 different optometrists offices after the appt. on that same day.

Appt. #2 had a different dr. at my request who did retest at 20/50 and wanted to have the surgeon look at some minor debris under the flap of my left eye.

Appt. #3 was with the surgeon who concluded the debris (natural oils under the flap) should clear up and shouldn't be the factor affecting my visual acuity. He seemed very interested in helping me and making sure I am happy, and I feel sure that he is feeling pressure based on what happened in the 1st appt. That being said, he told me that my left eye still has astigmatism which is the cause of the 20/50 vision, but that the astigmatism has seemed to decrease (even though I have no noticeable difference in vision? I'm still doubtful about that). He also assured me that my eyes are definitely healthy enough for a second surgery to correct my left eye.

At this point I believe it is very likely that I will need that second surgery. The difference in vision is still noticeable all the time, but I feel less eye strain because of it. That is a positive and a negative, as it helps me now, but when the brain has to adjust so much to create a proper image for so long, it will likely take time to adjust to even vision again after the second surgery. The surgeon reinforced that fact. My eyes tend to be from very dry to severely dry first thing after waking up from a full night sleep, but no more dry than before the surgery the rest of the day and night.

I hope this helps others out there, and I hope to find a way to make real and unbiased information on eye surgery easier for everyone to locate in the future.

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