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Just had my surgery at Optical Express Uxbridge with Manek Patel yesterday. Read a few good reviews about him before so felt confident.

Previous eye sight was -4 and -4.75 with between -1 and -2 astigmatism.

Immedietely after surgery I was led to a dark room. Vision as this point very cloudy. At home went to sleep for 4 hours. At 7pm had dinner, went to sleep at 9pm. On this day, I couldn't see car reg plates from a medium distance clearly.

Next day, CRYSTAL CLEAR vision, could see car plates from very far away! Had post-op checkup, vision is way better than 20/20. Could read smallest line on the very last chart!

Will see how it goes after a week as I've heard it can still change so early.

I have only the tiniest glow of halo, no startbursts at all, and the halo is visible only on bright white objects in the day, but its so small I have to look for the halo to see it. I couldn't be happier right now!

Had CustomVue Intralase Wavefront LASIK.

Right eye procedure went great. Left eye I actually drifted away from the flashing light and the machine stopped! I thought I've just messed this up completely. But they asked me to focus on it again and it continued. Felt really bad at this point 'cause I thought I have just spoiled the procedure for the left eye. But all is good, their eye tracking tech is great! It was the VISX machine. Both eyes are far better than 20/20 day after treatment, hope it can stay this way. As a sufferer of very dry eyes with contacts I didn't expect the outcome to be this great. Very happy so far. Will update if anything changes...

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