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[QUOTE=bbobs1000zx;5034125]Those are great results. I was worried about the same thing as the doctors and techs who checked my visual acuity in the initial consult didn't adjust the device settings enough for my left eye to be as clear and as sharp as the right. Before surgery a tech informed me it wouldn't matter, but I didn't see the surgeon until the OR.
My immediate results were 20/20 right and 20/50 left, stable for over a month now apparently due to not treating my astigmatism in the left eye. I am still concerned that the issue was that initial acuity test, but with no night vision issues or other major side effects, and the knowledge I will very likely just need a second surgery for the left eye to be at the perfect 20/20 my right is, I know I can be very happy with it.

Thank you for sharing your experience nLinked, every story helps people understand how lasik really works out.[/QUOTE]

No probs, just thought it would be good to conclude from my first post. After my consultation I phoned them to ask if they would be able to recheck my left eye vision because I was concerned about the same thing. They told me to speak to the surgeon on the day. I didn't. On the surgery day they actually went through the wavefront scan and some other scans without me asking, in fact, all the scans as on my consult day were redone (may this is standard procedure there). They said they won't bother checking my left eye after I mentioned it again, instead, they would use a machine to get a more precise precsription. So I looked into it and it took some sort of scan. It was the one with a baloon picture inside and it got sharper.

One day after the surgery, I had perfect vision despite not doing the left eye test. Just thought I'd mention it in case someone else is worried about the same. On the day they may redo some scans to get a more accurate condition of your eye.

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