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I got Wavefront-Lasik on both eyes (-3.75, -3.25) two weeks ago and they have been at 20/30 the entire time, post recovery. I had been on Durizol and this other milky eye drops for 4 days, but not Refresh drops (I couldn't feel the dryness!). After a week, the doc said my eye is still inflamed and very dry and I need to be on Durizol for another week. I also started using Refresh Sensitive. I'm worried I won't get to 20/20 because I started the tears too late! Anyone else experience this? Any words of comfort? I'm a pilot and need 20/20 or better to keep my first class medical. I could wear glasses or contacts again, but what would be the point of getting lasik!

Also, could being on Durizol be blurring my vision? Once I stop, might it get better? I sometimes have to squint or get closer to the computer to read comfortably.

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