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I've been visiting Optical Express for three months now, trying to get myself treated for +2.75/+2.75 eyes so that I no longer have to wear glasses. I'm having a hell of a time and their story keeps changing.

I wondered if anybody else has experienced what I am going through... here's what's happened so far... :yawn:

Initial consultation (1/5/2012)
Eyes examined and my prescription measured at +2.75 for each eye.
Procedure explained and I opted for Intralase Wavefront treatment at 1595 per eye..
Told to 'wash my eyelids with mild shampoo' for the time leading up to the surgery.
After the consultation (during which my eyes were dilated, meaning I couldn't read anything), I was talked to my by 'counsellor' and asked to sign legal paperwork which they knew I could not read. Unfortunately (and this is the only mistake I made) I signed this paperwork and paid a 500.00 deposit via debit card.

Treatment Day 1 (24/5/2012)
Eyes examined
Surgeon examined eyes, told me that I had blepharitis, provided guidance, ointment and anti-biotics. Told to come back after treated.

Checkup with optometrist (Towards end of June?)
Eyes examined at length
Told prescription needed changing to get eyes prepared for surgery.
Given ten days worth of +3.5 daily contact lenses for both eyes.
Told to come back for checkup after holiday (I was away during July)

Checkup with optometrist (6/8/2012)
Eyes examined at length
Told blepharitis was clearing up
Told eye prescription needed changing further to fit surgery.
Given two days worth of +4.0 daily contact lenses for both eyes. Told to wear Tuesday and Wednesday and a follow up call would take place on the Wednesday to assess suitability for surgery.

Call with optometrist (8/8/2012)
Discussed contact lense usage. Explained that short distance was perfectly clear but long distance was very blurry.
Told this was ok, booked in for surgery the following week.

Treatment Day 2 (15/8/2012)
Eyes examined
Waited to see surgeon.
Surgeon immediately told me that I was not ready for surgery and I needed to continue with the +4.0 contact lenses for 'at least a month' before my eyes would be ready for surgery.
Provided with six weeks worth of +4.0 lenses for both eyes and told to book an appointment for one months time.

Around June last year (2011) I was prescribed contact lenses by Vision Express at a prescription of +2.75. The prescription is also shown on the a printout I recieved on the day of my very first consultation. My prescription had not changed in almost a year, yet now it has to be changed for the treatment to work?

Is this normal for long sighted eyes? Am I being fed a pack of lies? I'm extremely tempted to cancel my appointment, get a refund and go elsewhere... or just quit altogether! :blob_fire

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