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That is not standard lasik, you probably got some kind of version of PRK, or epi-lasik etc. Well it's not just about flap creation, part 2 of surgery is also very very important, no matter if you get flap or no flap method, if second part doesn't do precisely correct or due to limits of custom and optical effective zone, you are not going to be good. So peopole should not be guided just by flap or no flap, because second part and that method and can it really cover your whole cornea is really important. You can have bad eye vision after the procedure even if you have perfect flap and your tear film is back to normal.

The point of lasik is not so you can compare your bad vision before without glasses, and now with lasik. You should compare it with your vision before with glasses, not without, ofcourse you couldnt see without glasses. Now they literally put those prescription into your eyes, so its liek permanent prescription on your cornea. In the end it's like having some kind of cornea "glasses" because your eye isn't healed or anything. So you should have stable clear vision, even better than with glasses due to limitations of glasses. Comparing it to your vision pre op without glasses doesnt make much sense. That way you could compare it to your contacts wearing vision.

The CustomVisTM PULZARTM Z1 laser and other lasers

The PULZARTM Z1 system is well equipped to perform high standard custom corneal surgery on patients with standard refractive disorders (eg. myopia) and more significant refractive disorders causing visual loss (treatment and re-treatment for irregular astigmatism). The three major differences in the CustomVisTM system involve advances in (a) very fast eye tracking, (b) integration of more diagnostic data from 'wavefront' and 'topography' diagnostic devices, with new computer aided design software to 'model' the surgery more effectively, and (c) a very reliable and highly accurate 'solid state' laser. Most other lasers are based on older, toxic-gas based mechanical technologies, which are slower than CustomVisTM.

That laser is not something amazing, marketing is the same as lasers before. It's all the sme in terms of how procedure goes and what it does. Risks are probably the same too, there is no reason not to be. You can find these kind of marketing data on visx and allegretto lasers too, custom, high tracking, topography, wavefront this and that. All is the same mostly. Most important part of lasik success is really good pre op examination, if a doc can determine how exactly will you see. Ofc that is not guarantee too, but i f a doc is concentrating on more perfect candidates with lower prescription and smaller pupils, then success is much bigger.

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