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Hi Everyone, I have been reading posts on experiences of people on LASIK surgery and am posting my own experience on LASIK , which I think would be useful for fellow board members.

I got my LASIK done at "The Laser Vision Cente" at Malad in Mumbai, India 4 days back. The most important thing I feel, is the technology which is used for performing the LASIK surgery.. My LASIK surgery was performed using the Pulzar Z1, which involved no cutting of the flap, and was a completely no touch treatment. Having read many experiences on LASIK, I feel that the cutting of the flap of cornea causes a lot of dryness and may cause further complications too.. Using this particular technology, I do not feel any dryness in my eyes, I have been using drops as prescribed by the doctor.. On the 1st 2 days after the operation, I had a bit of swelling which has totally gone now, and I felt very tired an could'nt keep my eyes open for long.. slept for the 1st 2 days, most of the time..

But this discomfort has reduced a lot over the past couple of days, and I feel much better now, I have been using sunglasses when I go out, and while watching TV or operating the computer. I have been advised not to put water in eyes for 7 days. I can see much better now than I could see prior LASIK without putting my glasses.. I feel I can see better with each passing day.
just that I feel a sensation of a foreign object in my eyes sometimes, which I think is due to the cover on my cornea that would be removed soon.

So friends, I would like to advise you all to be very careful in deciding the technology you would be using for doing the LASIK, since it is of utmost importance, and it is a matter of lifetime..

Good luck and God bless you !

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