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[B]Hello everyone.
first - nice to know there is such a major forum of lasik laser eye surgery.[/B]

second, i want to apologize for my poor english level.

I had a intralasik surgery on september 28th'.
on my day-after check : everything ok, surgeon said my cornea is clear.
on my week-after check: everything ok, cornea is clear with no dry surface that he can see.
a little hemorrhage on both eyes, but all normal and nothing to worry about.
now i'm waiting for my month-check.

the problem is this,
my right eye- PERFECT, sharp like a knife.
my left eye - its like i still have a low number cylinder or something
because my vision is a little blur, and its so annoying as a total result.

the strange thing is that my sergeon saying he doesn't see anything
on my cornea, and i don't feel any dry from my eye-
don't have redness
don't feel dryness
after using artificial tears - i dont get any vision improvment.

i'm using on my left eye 2 drops of "tears naturale free" on my left
eye every 2 hours.
[i stopped antibiotic & steroids treatment as protocol / sergeon said.]

other strange thing is that after 1 oclock at night, my left eye vision
is dropping suddenly - like someone is placing a bag in my eye. [then i go
to sleep].

1. can anyone clarify what is happening with my left eye?
2. is there any chance of improvments after 18 days of post intralasik?
3. after all said, what are the chances its a under/over correction error?

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