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Hi Everyone,

I had my Intralase Wavefront Lasik surgery one week ago and my vision is still blurry. I am not experiencing any pain and can see very clearly for about 10-15 feet and then everything is blurry. My biggest concern is that I can't read street signs or see peoples eyes if they are beyond 15 feet. Each morning I get up and pray that today is the day I get my vision back but there has been no improvement since day 2 after the surgery. I realize that it has only been "one week" and that the healing process can take 3-6 months but I am worried because all of my friends have told me their vision was 20/20 after a week (about 5 people). I am really regretting the surgery right now... My vision was pretty bad at -4.50 but life was just fine with contacts. I'm praying my vision improves soon. I have a few questions:

1. When people say their eye sight was blurry what do they mean? Was it blurry as in a dirty contact grayish vision way or blurry as in clear vision but lack of sharpness like wearing glasses or contacts with a weaker prescription. My vision is not really blurred where I feel like I have to wipe my eyes or put in eye drops. I just can't see clearly after about 15 feet and there is no sharpness or clarity. I am worried because after reading a lot of these post it seems like people had blurry vision that eventually cleared up, whereas my blurry vision feels more like an under-correction...

2. Does anyone have any experience with Transient Light Sensitivity? The doctor mentioned I could be one of the lucky 1% who suffers from this rare complication. It only affects people using blade-less intralase lasik.

3. Does staring at the computer for hours affect the healing process and hurt the chances of me getting perfect vision after lasik?

4. After one week do I still have to wear the nighttime protective mask? The doctor said my eyes were healing great.

I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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