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I have extremely dry eyes, which were so bad I had to put in moisturizing drops every 10 minutes. I did not have LASIK as the doctor warned me it could be even worse for my dry eyes. I had the plugs inserted...a painless, quick and easy process. They immediately helped by doubling the time between drops. Since then I have started on Restasis drops (quite expensive) morning and evening, and they have helped a lot. The downside is that they burn my eyes so I have red eyes most mornings until it wears off. Another therapy that helps is warm compresses to the eyes morning and evening. I've also found Refresh Optive Advanced drops to be helpful, and still use them hourly during the day. Additionally I take fish oil. As a fellow sufferer and an RN, dealing with dry eyes is far more frustrating than most people who have not experienced it tend to think, and I wish you good luck in finding relief!


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