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Jen , I'm sure you've read good and bad posts. I'm gonna give you the bad side. I was -8.75 in both eyes with astigmatism more so in the left eye. Like you, I had the money and was really struggling with contacts too. Dry eyes and the irritation. So on 10-23-10 I gave it a shot. My o.d. did all the testing prior to the surgery. I was of course a great candidate. I never met the actual person doing my surgery till the day off. Surgery was uncomfortable. Smell of flesh burning was disconcerting to say the least. Afterwards the doc had to lift the flap to clean out after seeing " debris" underneath. Sat there for about 25 minutes then sent on my way.

Went home , slept and woke up a few hours later. Vision was better in one eye as opposed to the other. The eye with the higher amount of astigmatism was obviously worse. Now it wasn't until I looked outside the next night and realized I was screwed. The halos and starbursts along with just the overall fizziness around any light source was alarming. That's when I knew this was not good and took to the net to search this. I didn't do one bit of research prior to this. That was a huge regret!

So for about 3 nights I didn't sleep. Pouring all kinds of crap in my eye that they had given me. I called the office for a visit with the actual " surgeon". The answers I got from him about all my issues is the standard " give it time". Then fed me more drops to pour into my eyes. I knew time wasn't gonna heal my issues from numerous visits to other eye doctors and specialists.

Fast forward to present time. Coming up on 2 years. Not one thing has changed from that day of getting LASIK. I have dry eyes, halos, starbursts , which some times cover an entire oncoming car. Usually at dusk. Any light source has halos surrounding them. The starbursts are even evident in day time. Vision is usually fuzzy. I've tried glasses to help with these issues to no avail.
Good luck with your decision. There are good outcomes on this message board as well.

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