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Thanks. I went to the LASIK surgeon and he said that my blurry vision was probably caused by dryness. They gave me a bunch of Retaine drops and also cauterized the tear ducts on the blurry eye. I think it is better now although my eyes are really dry. The doc did several tests and said my eyes were fine. in fact he said good eye was 20/15, the other eye was 20/20 which is pretty good after 9 years post-lasik from a -9.5 prescription.

Anyone else use Retaine? I also notice my eyelashes are really long and the tips of them might be causing blurriness especially in the sun they refract light and it is irritating. Anyone snipped their eyelashes?

(FWIW: receptionist upon hearing my use of Visine tears Dry eye said that they are bad for your eyes because they make them dryer. Not sure if that is true. She said I should use the ones the doc gave me). True?

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