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I had intralase/Lasik performed on both of my eyes (severe astigmatism) back in Feb of this year. From Feb-Oct I have had numerous issues. The biggest compliant I have had is my peripheral vision is blurry or seems like double vision. This is occurring in both eyes. Nothing ever seemed to relieve this symptom and my Dr. chalked it up to some residual astigmatism after they reran all the initial tests. In Aug, he recommended an enhancement procedure. After much thought I finally convinced myself to have the second procedure on 4 Oct 12. Without a doubt I can see much better since this procedure. This past Friday my vision was 20/15, however the peripheral vision issue is still present. My right eye remains the same, but it has gotten much worse in my left eye. It was fine for the first three weeks post enhancement, but over the last week or so it has gotten really bad actually moving from my periphery into parts of my straight ahead vision. This is coupled with a constant stinging and burning pain in my left eye. The Dr. said the glands under my eyelids look swollen and are causing the pain. He told me to continue using Pred Forte and using warm compresses. On a side note neither of these do anything for the pain. He initially gave me Bromday for pain but has since said stop taking it. Not real sure how to cope with the pain at this point and the Dr doesn't seem to be much of a help. Back to the blurry vision. When I told the Dr. for the 10+ times about the peripheral vision issue this past friday he finally admitted to me that none of his patients have ever complained about this issue and he doesn't know why this is occurring. His answer was we will deal with the pain issue first and we would deal with the vision issue later. This scares the hell out of me as this Dr. is well respected in my community and his practice has been performing this procedure for years. I was wondering if anyone can share any thoughts/experiences on this issue?

Than you

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