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I been having my right eye all blurry and cannot be corrected since my Lasik surgery Aug. 2011. I been to so many doctors and they dont have an answer to why. What is weird is that if i push very gently on the lid on the inner part of that eye the side where my noise is, my vision clears up, as soon as i remove my finger from it it goes back blurry. I keep on telling the doctors this and they ignore. I know something is wrong on that side. What really can this be? and what should I have my doctor test to find the answer?
Hello Friends,

Blurry vision in one eye after LASIK is most likely an issue where the eye is either slightly under/over corrected. Other causes may be due to wrinkles in the flap or significant dryness. I would urge you to increase the frequency of your tear drops and schedule an appointment with your LASIK surgeon. Your surgeon will exam your eyes and determine the cause for the blurriness. The good news is that almost all LASIK complications are fixable.

Thanks and Regards
Simon Joseph :wave:
Well what about me barely touching the eye through the eyelid on the side by the nose. It clears up. before the surgery if i did this it would not clear up. they can't get me into glasses to correct it. I told my surgeon numerous times and he has no answers. It has already been over a year since surgery and it has been like this ever since the surgery. If i was over corrected or under corrected, i should be able to get corrected with glasses
It certainly is difficult to get some truth when there are problems with previous eye treatments. Probably they fear malpractice lawsuits, in which case, might it help to see an attorney BEFORE the next exam? He or she might be able to suggest how to show you really mean business and better get an answer?

Or, they maybe simply don't know what's wrong? Please keep us posted. :cool:

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