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[QUOTE=pgr;5089059]Pseudo-Monovision Worth Considering for -5.25 Rx?

Age: late 40s,
Rx: Nearsighted prescription is around -5.25 in each eye but have enjoyed outstandng close vision (must be less than 12 inches!). However with glasses am recently having trouble reading things at reasonable distance. This is prebyopia. I cheat it by sliding my regular glasses down on my nose but would otherwise have to consider bi-focals next time round.
LASIK: Yes, fully checked out & meet all the requirements.

My Dr informed me that after LASIK I will certainly have to have reading glasses (magnifiers). He estimated about 1.50 magnification.

My Dr. also suggested I might consider Pseudo Monovision. One eye would be slightly under corrected and it would retain slightly better close vision.

For about 15 or 20 years I used to wear a single contact mostly in my left eye and it never bothered me. In recent years started wearing glasses exclusively. Based on my contact experience I do not believe pseudo-monovision would bother me. But is it worth the trouble to perhaps give me a 'little' better vision up close (like scanning the gauges in a car while driving) or just get both eyes fully corrected...

Q: So my concern is this - just how bad will my near vision be w/o reading glasses? Perhaps someone w/ a similar Rx and has had LASIK could comment?

Q: Will I be able to comfortably read the guages on a car while driving for example? (I compete in amateur auto racing sometimes but have lots of other activities pseudo monovision might benefit like modeling, woodworking, etc...)

Hi PGR, I had Lasik with a high prescription -10 and age 59. Before Lasik i could see quite well all items close up but since having lasik i now need reading glasses, so it is an issue. The first few months was particularly bad as it took time for the brain and muscles in the eye to adjust. To have good distant vision there is a payback with worstening short vision when you are older. Monovision was an option for me but i decided against it as it is a bit of a compromise. Your Dr should be able to give you contacts for a week that will demonstrate the effects of mono vision. I suggest you try this before making any decision on whether to go for Monovison. Finally you should not forget the other potential issues with LASIK including dry eyes which is not necessary a short term problem and can be very destressing as can be nightime halos. Lasik is not without risks, for many the outcome is good but for not an insignificant number there are left worst off. You need to think very carefully how badly you want to give up glasses/contacts before proceeding. Good luck.

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