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Day 5 - blurry but feels fine

Stopped neurontin yesterday and was more aware of my eye but still no pain. More like a dry spot early in the day that has mostly gone away by evening. My vision in that eye is still blurry and a little double vision from time to time. Again, I have to close my right eye to notice it. With my good eye open I am just mildly aware that my left is blurry. I am a little concerned still that when my vision is best in that eye (it comes and goes) i can read from about 2' away which is something I can't do with my good eye. With my right eye I can read from that distance only through the bifocal part of my glasses. So I seem to be optimized for mono vision right now which I did not want. Hopefully this changes over time. I am using drops every hour or so as needed.

As background I did epi-lasik with the epithelium removed and discarded on an algerhetto eye-q laser. I believe he used alcohol but I did not verify that. I just remember he said he did when I first interviewed him.

As a side note I have been reading a lot of blogs and I am surprised how many people do prk or epi and dont really understand what they signed up for. Seems like a lot of people agree to have a doc perform one of these procedures without reading about it first then are really unhappy when they find that it will take months to fully heal. It is odd how many panic posts there are around the 1-2 week mark then the person never follows up to say how it came out. I can only guess that many of these resolve themselves but it seems strange that people wouldn't report on their final outcome so that others will know how it came put. I will try my best to remember to come back to this thread after I get to a stable state and report.


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