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[QUOTE=Coolerkid9090;5094672]I know over a dozen people who have had Lasek or LASIK and they all rave about it. Some are on 5-10 years and have never had any problems. They all said it went smoothly and that it was life changing. I'm reading almost all horror stories on here and wondering if this board just attracts the small % of people who have problems and/or bad doctors, and if the successful patients don't bother to come on forums like this to post a follow up. For those of you with complications, what are your age ranges? Is there anything out of the ordinary you may attribute your complications to? Did you go to a highly rated doctor that you know someone else went to? What were your friends results like? I feel if you Google any surgery you can find hundreds or thousands of complaints out there and horror stories, but most of the time these people only represent a tiny portion of the people who had it done.

How should I go about researching this? I am considering LASIK but am nervous and want to be well educated on it. I don't know anyone personally or have even heard of anyone having less than perfect results. I am fearful of any surgery and want to know I have all the info available first. My contacts and glasses have reached the point where going higher is causing me warped vision, but I don't have perfect eyesight with them now. I am also getting frequent infections/irritations these days from the contacts so if this is a relatively safe and effective technique then I want to have it done, but if I'm really putting myself at risk then I will hold off.[/QUOTE]

Unlike Greg who posted who had good results I did not. You are correct in saying that those that have problems post more because I/we try to get out the message that there is a 1-3% chance that something will not go right. That is to say 3 out of 100 will have problems. That also means the 97 out 100 are good. Be mindful that you won't know where you stand until after the operation. Best of luck - hope things work out.

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