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Hey cooler kid. I thought the same thing when I read these. Statistically very few have issues after the first few months. Those who do are miserable and sometimes severely impacted. One of the things I noticed on this forum is that a lot of people post about their problems then never post again. Some don't even reply to the people who repond to their own thread. My theory is that a lot of people don't know what to expect and are scared when they don't have good vision the first week. Combine that with the 1-3% of people who truly have terrible outcomes and you get a few hundred posts like the ones on this forum.

I suggest you read articles (more than blogs) about lasik, lasek, prk, epi-lasik, led and intralasik first. Appending the word +study to your searches or +research might help you find real data. Once you decide which flavor of surgery you want, then find a surgeon who does that and perhaps read about people's personal recovery stories on the Internet.

As you can see in my posts here I believe it is worth a few months to choose the surgery that I thought had the best outcome in the long run (LED) and to do it one eye at a time for minimal risk and minimal impact to my daily life. So far I am very happy with my progress (I am one week after surgery #1).

Best of luck.


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