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It has been eight months since my surgery for myopia. I am 56 and I had progressive glasses with steadyly increasing prescription strenght for my presbyopia (last prescription a year ago +2.25) and stable prescription for myopia during that period at around -3.5 with 1.5 astigmatism at 90 degrees
My far vision has stabilized at 20/15 in both eyes after lasik. I use +2.0 glasses for reading ( I should use 2.25 in fact) and +1.0 for computer work. I went recently for an eye exam by my regular optometrist and the exam confirmed that my reading prescription is still at +2.25.
This means that my near vision for common tasks is not worse after lasik. The difference is that, before lasik I could take off my glasses and focus at 30cm, which I cannot do now even with the reading glasses (nor can most people of my age group who have always had normal vision and who became presbyopic).
In my case, I consider having to wear glasses for reading or working on the computer just a part of the aging process. I do not need glasses most of the time. I do enjoy tremendously being able to drive, play golf, do archery and a number of outside activities without glasses. For outside activities in a well lit environment, a bonus is that, as the pupil is small in those environments, depth of field is good and I can write and read my golf score card without glasses, even though it is not perfectly in focus.
Undergoing lasik later in life, I knew that I could not be totally free of glasses. I must say however that my near vision was worse in the first few months after lasik. My surgeon had explain that he was doing an initial overcorrection to anticipate the healing process. So, initially my near vision was worse than before , adding +1.00 roughly in both eyes. Right after surgery, my reading prescription was +3.25 and I had .75 astigmatism at 180 degrees. Near vision returned to +2.25 four months after surgery and astigmatism went to 0.0 at about the same time. This was a tough four months with slow improvement

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