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Good afternoon,
I am 55, was corrected for myopia, and now cannot see clearly anything closer than six or seven feet. My presbiopic prescription before lasik was +2.25 in progressive glasses. I could see clearly objects as close as 4 feet looking through the upper part of my glasses, the part that corrected my myopia.
Now, I belive that two phenomenon are at play that explain our increased difficulties at seeing up close since our surgery. One, I believe that most surgeons slighlty overcorrect myopic patients initially, to take into account the regression that normally occurs during the healing process, and the higher the initial myopia the higher the expected regression and the higher the initial overcorrection. Second, I believe that presbyiopia develops not so much because cilliary muscles become weaker, but rather because the cristalline lens become more rigid as we age. On top of that, myopic people do not have to accomodate as much as normal vision people for close vision, hence their cilliary muscles indeed get indeed weaker.
What this means is that, during the healing process, not only are we slightly hyperopic due to programmed initial overcorrection, but our cilliary muscles also have to become stronger as we now need to accomodate for close vision.
In my case, my one moth post-op exam showed that the initial overcorrection ihas indeed regressed to some extent. I also noticed that, if I do not use glasses of any kind to work on the computer, I start to see the screen more clearly after 15 minutes or so and that I can then focus clearly on objects as close as five feet for about half an hour.
My distance vision is great, even in my left eye which has still a bit more astigmatism than my right eye at the moment.
As for other common post-op symptoms such as dry eye, haloes and starbusts at night, I had them all, but never at levels that were troublesome. All of those symptoms have also decreased during my first month post-op, which is encouraging..
Of course, every patient heals differently, but hang in there. Things might improve for you as well.

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