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[QUOTE=Dondi327;5110082]Glasses since fourth grade, contacts since ninth. . .at 51 was wearing two pairs of contacts. . .had enough. Choose lasik surgery. Today is day 3 after. .I cannot see. Near is better that far. I keep wishing I can get my glasses to see clearer. What happen to everyones remarks. . .you can walk out of the office and see clear! Does it get better? I am scared. I have off this week for the holiday, what happens when I need to drive? I am a very patient person, but this is not what I expected.[/QUOTE]

Don't worry: after 3 days, things still have a bit of settling down to go. What prescription were you before? To have two pairs of contact lenses I'm guessing pretty strong; mine was -10 in each eye.

I also found my close vision was lousy for the first few weeks - a temporary effect, apparently the process bruises the muscles which handle close vision, so they struggle a bit for a while. Cheap +1 drugstore reading specs should help you there (I got a pair on Amazon for about $6) - after a few weeks that wore off for me.

Distance vision was fine after about a week or ten days, but it had been lousy at the start: I was warned about this, because I had such a strong prescription to start with, the small percentage of correction that develops later was still big enough to be a pain. (A few months on, from -10 both sides, I'm at -1 and -3: enough to need glasses, but nothing like before.)
[QUOTE=Dondi327;5110407]I was a -5 and was told they do surgery up to -12. My left eye is great, my right eye is a little blurry. Drops seems to help but always adjusting. Listening to all it seems time will be the answer to this unsureness. Near for me is better than distance, glad to hear this too will change.

PS-Wore two pair of contacts for comfort. Soft lenses first (with a very low prescription) then hard lenses on top. I was always told my cornea was so flat I could not wear soft alone.[/QUOTE]

I think the drops helping is significant (means your eyes are drying out a bit, and really need the drops) - I seem to remember at some point along the way the drops stopped improving my vision, because there was at least enough moisture there for my eyes to work properly. (Still important to use them, they just don't affect the vision the same way any more.)

My cornea was the other way, too steeply curved for gas permeable lenses to fit (I tried a pair - they fell out during the initial eye test!) - soft ones alone worked fine for me though.

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