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[QUOTE=greeneyedgirl02;5113541]Hi Everyone,

I am 4 days post lasik and on my day after check up was 20/15 in my left eye and still a fuzzy and not as clear in my right eye. They wrote me down as 20/20 in my right eye because I could read the letters, but they were pretty fuzzy. My brain uses my right eye more than my left eye so it is a little annoying right now. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced having one eye better than the other and if it eventually got better on its own. I have read that the eyes heal at different rates. I have noticed that my right eye does dry out more easily and is more bothersome than my left eye.

Thanks for listening![/QUOTE]

It seems we had surgery on the same date (1/3/13?). I also got very good results almost immediately on my left eye. My right eye has been getting better, but it is still slightly blurry. I am being told by the doctor, family, and friends (who've had the procedure done) that vision will slowly improve in the right eye. I am hopeful as it's been less than 1 week.

Discomfort and dryness is slowly going away. I still think the worse part is wearing the goggles to sleep!

How are your eyes doing today?
Thank you for your reply. Yesterday was great vision wise and I could tell my right eye is starting to get a little clearer and my brain seemed to be using my left eye more. I woke up this morning and noticed that my left eye is now slightly worse than my right eye indoors, but when I go outside it is better. It seems pretty strange to me with all the fluctuations, but I too asked a co-worker of mine who had the procedure done last year. She stated that she also experienced one eye being better than the other and they would fluctuate back and forth that way for the first 3 months. After that they stabalized and she had no further issues. She also said she experienced a 3 days straight were both her eyes were blurry. Sounds like this early in the stages of healing who knows what will happen. It is nice to know that this sounds to be normal, but I wish that someone would have explained this to me before I had the procedure, because I had no idea!
[QUOTE=greeneyedgirl02;5114688]... It is nice to know that this sounds to be normal, but I wish that someone would have explained this to me before I had the procedure, because I had no idea![/QUOTE]

My co-worker said it took him a few months to get to 100%. My brother-in-law says it took him six months to fully recover. I was expecting this going in, and the doctor also explained this to me. So I am giving it time. That is unfortunate that nobody told you beforehand.

Just as a reference, I was at -5.0 for both eyes. Slight astigmatism in left eye, which is the one with clearer vision right now.

Still slightly blurry in right eye. Slightly better each day, especially in the morning. The best part is I don't have to wear those horrible goggles to bed anymore, and today is the last day of steroid drops.

How about you? Any improvement?
I had Lasik (10 years ago now) I remember that post op I had one eye that was slightly blurry and didn't seem to focus and well while the other eye had crystal clear vision.

I remember that I also used to find that lights blinded me for a quite a while afterwards, especially at night.

The eye blurring did clear up after a few weeks and I ended up with lovely vision for a few years, although my sight did start to go bad again from 4 years post op onwards and I am not back in glasses and lenses. I still have a nightmare driving at night due to poor night vision and head light glare.

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