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[QUOTE=Pablo B;5455479]I had my surgery done 31/03/17. Its been a week post my surgery and i noticed that i can see slightly better with my left eye. When I try to look at words that are a bit far, hopefully everything goes good, as I started googling I saw a couple of people had experienced one eye being better than the other i also feel my brain uses my left eye more and i feel like closing my eyes hard dont know why I dont do it though. The first few days my eyes would burn at night I started rinsing them at nights before going to sleep and in the mornings in the shower and that kind of stopped that feeling. Well i hope everything turns out better in the next following weeks.[/QUOTE]

Hey, I had the femtoLASIK surgery four days ago and have very similar experience, being able to see better with my left eye. It seems the left eye to be generally better suited for the operation or something as most people seems to have a better result with their left eye. It is annoying though having the brain use mostly the left eye, I keep closing one eye at a time in turns to periodically check on the difference and am afraid the right one is slowly getting worse (or at least not better). Have you had any progress in the right eye since your message here? There was only one checkup at the doctor one day after the surgery and the next one is two months in the future, which seems pretty a long wait to me, so much can happen in the meantime, including the flap moving, inflammation, the wrong cells growing under the flap etc :( So I am planning to visit a different eye doctor in two weeks to hopefully prevent all those nasty possible risks..

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