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[QUOTE=greeneyedgirl02;5113541]Hi Everyone,

I am 4 days post lasik and on my day after check up was 20/15 in my left eye and still a fuzzy and not as clear in my right eye. They wrote me down as 20/20 in my right eye because I could read the letters, but they were pretty fuzzy. My brain uses my right eye more than my left eye so it is a little annoying right now. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced having one eye better than the other and if it eventually got better on its own. I have read that the eyes heal at different rates. I have noticed that my right eye does dry out more easily and is more bothersome than my left eye.

Thanks for listening![/QUOTE]

It seems we had surgery on the same date (1/3/13?). I also got very good results almost immediately on my left eye. My right eye has been getting better, but it is still slightly blurry. I am being told by the doctor, family, and friends (who've had the procedure done) that vision will slowly improve in the right eye. I am hopeful as it's been less than 1 week.

Discomfort and dryness is slowly going away. I still think the worse part is wearing the goggles to sleep!

How are your eyes doing today?

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