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I just wanted to share my experience with everyone.

I just had LASIK surgery less than a week ago. I chose a very reputable (and pricey) doctor since I don't think "discounts" are important when it is to do with my eyes.

Everything was pretty typical. I had to go in a week prior to the surgery for all of the exams and to begin using Restasis. I was considered a good candidate for either LASIK or PRK. I chose LASIK because of the fast recovery time.

The morning of the surgery, I was nervous but not too bad. Everyone I had talked to that had this procedure done was very happy with the results. Everything was going smoothly until it came time to actually begin the surgery. I was laying down, surrounded by the doctor and about 5 assistants. The doc was telling me to stare at the laser as he got my eyes ready. My eyes are already numb from the drops so it is easy not to blink. He used tape to tape my eye lids open and then inserted that metal clamp thing to make sure they stayed open (this was the part I was afraid of, not sure why but the metal clamp looked scary.. I felt absolutely no discomfort from this though).

Then came the problem.. I don't know all of the technical terms and I only know what I experienced without actually looking at everything. But from what I was told, they have to put a ring (I don't know if its made out of plastic or what) into your orbit (eye socket) so that they can get the suction in the right place by one machine before using the laser. The suction assures your eye does not move while the laser cuts. Now for like 95% of all people, the ring goes in easily with no feeling involved at all. For the rest of us, it is excruciating.

Apparently I have small orbits. That was the reasoning given to me as to why it hurt so very bad. To get the ring into my eye, the doctor literally stood up, put one end closes to my cheek in, and then put all of his strength into FORCING it into the top of my orbit below my eyebrow. IT LITERALLY FELT LIKE HE WAS CRUSHING MY FACE. I did not dare move in fear that it would cost me my eye sight but without the ability to stop, I immediately started crying.

It was the most pain I have ever felt in my life... Keep in mind that not only do I have a baby, I have had reconstructive jaw surgery, back surgery, tattoos everywhere, and a number of very painful events in my life have happened. I have a very high pain tolerance. I never show when something hurts and I sure as hell don't cry in front of ANYONE much less a room full of strangers.

Now once he got the ring in the right eye, all I could think of was "oh no, I have to do it again for the left eye". I wanted to stop. I wanted to wear contacts and glasses for the rest of my life but once they are using a laser on your eye it is kind of too late for second thoughts. The laser part was fine, no pain from that (although you can smell a burning smell which is scary) but I thought he had fractured my eye socket. It hurt so bad that I can't find the words to use to describe it. Then he moved on to my left eye. I was still crying and it hurt even worse than the right eye. To make the situation even worse, they couldn't get a good suction on it so he had to take it out and do it AGAIN. I thought I might pass out from the pain, but I didn't. I just laid there regretting everything.

When they walked me out of the room, the nurse was holding my hand telling me how brave I was. I couldn't see well at all. There was no reading a clock on the wall right after, no joy from being able to see, all I could think was "what is my husband going to do when he sees me crying.. he's never seen that before". I walked around the corner desperately trying to pull myself together but it wasn't possible. HE FREAKED OUT. I told him it was the worst pain imaginable and sat there and cried for 5 minutes until they took me to the room to look at the results.

I think the worst part, even worse than the pain, was the way the doctor and assistants (all but the one sweet nurse that held my hand) reacted to the situation. They used sentences like "I know that was uncomfortable" and "everyone handles pain differently". These 2 sentences stung more than my eyes were at the time. How can you say that??? Assuming I am making up the pain or handling it like a baby?? There is NO way that I could have possibly handled that any better than I did. I felt humiliated like never before. I couldn't even believe that they would dismiss my pain like they did.

After they checked the results, he said he would need to pick up the flap in my left eye because there was a wrinkle. No biggie, so he said. I thought I was going to throw up until that one sweet nurse told me that it did not require the ring. Those were the best words I have ever heard in my life.

After refloating the flap, they said to go home and sleep and come back in the morning. Before I left, I made it VERY clear how upset I was and that no where in the 60 pages of paperwork I read did it state ANY thing about pain because of small orbit size. If I had been advised of this, I would have obviously chosen PRK which does not use this ring. All he said was that the ring is a one size fits all kind of thing. That was his explanation.

The next day, the first thing he said to me was that "it really hurts our feelings that you are so upset about us trying to do our very best to help your eye sight". I hurt YOUR feelings by letting you know how badly I was hurting??????!!? Are you freaking kidding me??! I was basically lectured on how I should not be upset because they were just doing their jobs. It was also hinted that they did not want me sharing my story with others. TOO FREAKIN BAD.

Oh and on top of all of this, I now have extremely painful dry eyes which they had to plug my tear ducts in both eyes because of (I was scared to death, but don't worry, plugging tear ducts does not hurt at all). And my vision is not the same in both eyes yet so I pretty much constantly have a headache and I can't see very good yet. They said it was because of the dryness. I have inflammation under the left flap so I have to take antibiotic drops every single hour that I'm awake. Yay. Whatever, at least I'm not blind. Oh and the white part of my eyes, mainly my left one, are bloody. I mean BRIGHT red.. they said it'd take a few weeks to go away and its normal. It is also embarrassing.. but whatever.

I just really wanted to share my story because I am actually AFRAID for someone with a average to low pain tolerance to go through what I did. If they even HINT that you have smaller orbits, get PRK instead unless you want to experience the most pain you have ever felt in your life.

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