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I Had PRK surgery just over 2 weeks ago and these symptoms started around the 2 week mark, so it has been a few days like this. What I'm feeling is kind of weird because it fluctuates and very random times. There are times when my eyes are completely normal and I can see complete perfectly, and this is usually when I'm looking down, or even sometimes when I'm looking up. Other times, my eyes feel so sensitive to the point where I can not even open it even if I really tried to. Weird examples are like when I'm driving, whether its the day or night, I literally hold my eye lid open just so I can see because my eyes can't do it it self, but the second I step outside the car, it's completely fine... Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else or if anyone knows what it is. Also this isn't something that has been there since day 1 of my surgery, it began around the 2 week mark.

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