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Hi there, I'm looking into LASIK surgery and can't figure out if my prescription is stable enough to have it done.

Below is my last 3 prescriptions. If someone could let me know their opinions or facts that'd be great. Any help is much appreciated!

I have astigmatism and my prescription from the last two years is:

Order of values is: Sphere, Cyl, Axis,

September 25, 2008
OD plano -2.00 20
OS plano -2.00 163

April 10, 2010
OD plano -2.00 18
OS +0.25 -2.50 167

November 11, 2011
OD +0.25 -2.25 18
OS +0.25 -2.50 167

**Present (2013)
OD ? -2.25 ?
OS ? -2.75 ?

**From what I remember from just a glance at the sheet when I had my consultation, may not be exact.

Thanks so much for your replies!

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