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Update February 27th, six weeks after lasik

Had my one month post-op last week. Both corneas were healing well, no flap complication of any kind. I still was slighlty overcorrected, but it has regressed since my one week post-op exam.

Today, a week later, things have progressed some more. Haloes and starbust have diminished again. Astigmatism, which is more noticeable in dim lighting, has also decreased.

I am writing this at the computer without glasses. Mind you, it is fuzzy, but readable. Could not have done that two weeks ago.

I put drop in my eyes five times a day (Refresh Endura in one use vials, without presrvative, and it seems to be enough.

Daylight distance vision is now at 20/16 in each eye.

I practice archery and pistol shooting. I tried bow shooting two weeks ago indoors at night and could not see my sight, despite fairly good lighting at the practice range. . For pistol, the front sight was so fuzzy that I did not even try. I went to archery practice last night and when I concentrated on my sight I could see it well enough too shoot well. Will try the pistol again next weekend.

Things are improving. For people who do not see well after a few weeks, I will say: be patient.

I am much less anxious now than I was when I first wrote, even if everything is not perfect yet

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