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Hi there

Had lasik surgery a little over 2 years ago, from -4 in both eyes and now have a residual -0.5 and -0.75/1 in my 2 eyes. Totally bearable you would think, and Im happy to wear glasses to correct for tv and computers.

HOWEVER I also see visual interference, it is difficult to describe but it's as if I can see all the millions of pixels that our retina processes and turns into one image. If Im really busy, I forget it about, but it is always there. This is not corrected with glasses at all. I also get very bad intermittent headaches above my right eye (nowhere else ever.)

Ive been to a couple of the top guys on Harley St (not connected with surgery providers), and both say the same thing - you have no pathology, there is not obviously anything wrong with your eyes.

They suggest it might be due to

- the dominant eye having the worst astigmatism
- possible problem with the way your brain is interpreting the messages
- possible because of mild inferior steepening in your cornea (though reassured that there is no sign of ectsasia whatsoever 27 months post surgery)

Has anyone ever suffered from this "interference"? Both the surgeons say they've not heard anyone with such symptoms before, which isn't exactly reassuring but they say you shouldnt worry, your brain will or at least should adapt.

I however worry its too much of a coincidence this has happened post lasik...


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