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I was recently assessed for LASIK; I was told that while the surgery was physically possible, they didn't recommend it because it would remove too much corneal tissue for the surgeon's comfort level. He recommended PRK or ICL, so I chose PRK.

I will be having it done on both eyes at once. I'm 37, otherwise healthy, no eye infections for many years though I did have a nasty bout of corneal ulcers over five years ago, have worn glasses since age 6, wore contacts for 20 years prior to the corneal ulcers. My prescription is -9.5 in both eyes and my corneal thickness is 560-something. I have a touch of astigmatism but not much.

I'm posting here now so there's a 'before' post. The surgery is scheduled for 2/22. There's so much negativity here about laser surgery that I thought I'd share my experience in a single thread, positive OR negative. :-)
Im also watching this post, please let us know how your high level surgery went. Please post as soon as you can see well enuf to use the computer. Very concerned, thanks. Mary
I didn't post here because the first responders seemed more interested in picking a fight over my After further discussions with the surgeon, we decided to do IntraLASIK instead of PRK. The surgery was performed on 2/22 and I'm now 9 days post-op.

The surgery itself hurt like hell. I really thought it would not hurt as much as it did, but it was agony. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they might have forgotten to put the numbing drops in.

On the bright side, the surgery only took about 7 minutes so the hell didn't last long. My eyes were extremely light sensitive and gritty the evening after surgery; I could barely keep them open more than a couple of seconds at a time. It was not easy.

The first day post-surgery I could actually see! My vision wasn't 100% but it was good enough for me to use the computer with the font enlarged, and I could see my television just fine.

Day 2 post-surgery, a Sunday, was my first time behind the wheel after the surgery. It felt weird and I was dizzy and a little nauseated because I now have a full field of vision instead of the very restricted straight-ahead vision I had with my glasses. It takes a bit of getting used to.

Day 3 post-surgery was my first checkup. My visual acuity was 20/200 at BEST before the surgery. They measured it as 20/30 3 days after the op.

Day 9 post-surgery I am still dealing with dry eyes (normal) and poor night vision (also normal at this phase).

I finished all the anti-biotic eyedrops but am still using the anti-inflammatory drops and the wetting drops. My next checkup is on 3/12.

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