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Thank you for letting me know the outcome as I also was concerned but didn't say anything. It sounds like a successful outcome and you were sooooo brave. I am not a candidate for any vision correcting sx but I will be having cataract surgery soon enough. It sounds like it was worth it for you and nothing strange, except for some pain happened. 20/200 ? Is that what you said? I thought you were a neg. 9 ? I don't know much about reading prescriptions but I am a -9 and I have 5/2000 without Glasses ..... Cant see even the BIG E on the kids "E" Chart..... but with glasses I am still 20/25 and 20/30, but I know what you mean about the flatline vision ... it would be so nice to be able to see all around! Congrats! On your surgery and keep using those drops (I have dry eye also, its a gritty pain!) Mary

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