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Hi guys!
Reading stories on this site is what got me through my lasik recovery so I wanted to share my story as well.
I had glasses since 3rd grade, by 21 my vision had stabilized at -11.00 in the left eye and -11.50 with -1.75 and -2.00 astigmatism in each eye. So I decided to have lasik.
The doctor said I was the perfect candidate and was very excited.
I had my surgery in December 2011. No one told me how well I saw the day after surgery, but it all looked good to me. When it was time for my one month check up I couldn't see the board at the university and I couldn't even see well enough to drive to the doctor (which was 3 hours away for me!). In tears and frustrated a friend drove me there. My vision was -2.25 in the right with mild astigmatism and -1.75 in the left. The doctor said we will wait for the vision to stabilize and do a refinement as soon as possible. He seemed so calm and I was freaking out! I was seeing starbursts and halos and had to put eye drops in every 5 minutes!
By March my vision was -1.00 in the left and -1.75 in the right. In April it was the same and the doctor suggested we go ahead and do the refinement because it wasn't gonna get any better.
I went ahead with the refinement in early May. my results were 20/15 and 20/20.
In November things started to get blurry. In January, over the course of 2 weeks my vision suddenly dropped and I couldn't even see the board while sitting in the second row in class! On top of that I was having severe eye pain.
I went back to the Doctor. While driving the 3 hour drive I started out with old glasses that fit comfortably and by the end I could see just fine. I figured out that all this homework in graduate school was making my eyes freak out. 2 days after the visit my vision restored completely to perfect. Now when I do homework on the computer every now and then I look out my window and put on pin hole glasses. No halos, no starbursts, very mild dry eye, and occasional blurriness, but nothing so terrible. :)

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