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It's been almost exactly four months since I had lasik and I remember how scared I was. I came to this very forum the night before and read countless horror stories that kept me up reading all night. To make matters worse, there were almost no success stories that I saw and everyone seemed to have side effects. I hoped this was because people who had successful surgeries simply moved on and had no reason to post. I'm not the best writer but did want to add my entry to the list of successful stories... so here is my story.

First, a few details and I'll try not to drag this out too long. I'm 41 years old and have been wearing glasses for nearsightedness since my mid 20s. I don't know my exact prescription but I'd say it was medium with a slight astigmatism in one eye. They said I was a great candidate and the tears test came out perfect. I've been programming in my job for the past 15 years and I'm always looking at some kind of screen. This was my main concern if things went wrong, not to mention that everyone including my wife and kids told me I look great in glasses.

On the day of the surgery, I followed all of their instructions and went to the lasik vision center next to the mall in Columbia, MD. The doctor's bedside manner was incredible and he talked me through the entire process, counting down during each step. This was super important because I couldn't imagine how I would get through the procedure considering I can barely touch my eyes. I never got contacts because of this--and believe me I tried several times. Looking back, I think many people would say the procedure was easy.. but for me, it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. The doc put drops in my eyes to numb them and cut the flaps on one machine, then we moved over to another machine to burn the prescription. It was uncomfortable but didn't really hurt and I just tried my best to stay focused exactly where he told me. I never get stressed but for this, my nerves were racked!

Immediately after surgery, I resisted the urge to look around and only opened them when he did his post op check. I put on sunglasses, rode home with my wife, and laid in bed for a bunch of hours listening to podcasts since I couldn't sleep. I did all the drops religiously and really tried to give them a chance to heal for the first few days. When I did open them, I could see the TV and cable box numbers clearly. Both of my eyes looked completely bloodshot and I found out later this from the suction device they used while cutting the flaps. It took about 2-3 days for the sensation of what I can only describe as having many eyelashes in each eye to go away. There was a soft glow around most of my vision for the first week or two which improved every day. This was especially noticeable at night. I went back to work very quickly and wore the sunglasses most of the time to prevent any accidental damage while the flaps healed.

For the first few weeks I did the "close one eye and then the other" move and my vision was great in each. Sometimes one eye would be blurry but cleared up after a few blinks. Street signs far in the distance were sharp!

The only real concern I had during the entire healing process was a strained muscle feeling behind my right eye. It felt like a dull ache that often would turn into a full blown headache (which I never get). I'd say it took almost a month before I felt completely normal and didn't notice this strained area any longer. At about two months, the red spots were gone.

Today, I don't use drops at all and it's hard to tell if my eyes feel any drier during long sessions at the computer than they used to. I have noticed that I can't focus on things as closely as I used to without my glasses. I guess that makes sense because the vision is perfect now and I'm where I would be for my age and needing reading glasses. I can focus on my mobile phone or a book at about 10 inches so I think I'm still a ways from getting those. Long distance vision is perfect and at both my 2 and 3 months checkups, I could read every letter on the 20/15 line and even got most of the 20/12! The doc said my flaps are almost completely healed and he can barely see the lines.

So there you have it, I am 100% happy and it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done. You will have to decide for yourself whether to go through with it. It would seem there is a fair amount of risk associated with this procedure, especially if you have dry eyes to begin with or the place where you have it done is not reputable. I ended up paying $3200 for the whole thing which includes lifetime touch-ups if I ever need one.

Good luck everyone and I hope this helps someone!


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